My Story

I hand make cancer themed jewelry that cannot be found anywhere else. I started this as a way to raise money for the American Cancer Society and our team in Relay for Life.

My mother is a breast cancer survivor (30 years) and my father lost his battle with cancer in November 2011.

I firmly believe that a cure for cancer will be found and I truly hope to see this happen in my lifetime.

My website logo of a tree is a symbolic reflection of support for this cause.

 Trees grow and are supported by their roots. We are the roots, we that support each other and fight for a cure. We support those who have cancer, have been affected by cancer, or will be touched at some point in their life by cancer. The tree logo forms a ribbon, a cancer ribbon.

A ribbon resembles arms that are embracing,  just as we embrace each other and remain steadfast in our cause. It’s a reminder to have faith, stand strong together, and keep pushing forward.

I design my jewelry around the cancer theme so that I can continue to bring awareness to this disease. It is my wish that anyone who wears any of my designs to please talk to people that will listen about the need, the fight, the endless pursuit for a cure.

Let’s show our support to those affected by cancer. Keep the roots of the tree firmly planted. Encourage all to remain steadfast and keep on keeping on.

Here’s to a cure!